Technical specifications

The studio has been designed and built for quality sound and creative workflow. The rooms are built to specific dimensions with sound reinforcement to create accurate and responsive recordings.

  • control room is largely ‘true’ for transferable mixes
  • live room one has a ‘dead’ sound perfect for tight drums, vocals and intimate instruments
  • live room two has a high ceiling and is designed for big drums sounds, vocal ensembles, strings, and acoustic instruments.

We use a selection of carefully chosen professional digital and analogue equipment to give us a range of colour, clarity, vintage warmth, and compatibility. Including:

  • NS10s
  • Beyer Headphones
  • MOTU
  • Neumann
  • SE
  • Rode
  • Allen and Heath
  • Pro Tools
  • Reaper
  • Logic Audio
  • Access Virus
  • along with boutique pieces.

We have a selection of instruments including some acoustic guitars, Premier drum kit and Fender bass. These are subject to availability and if you need a specific item please make sure to check when booking.

It is possible to hire in extra equipment needed at additional cost.