Our top 5 music production resources

These days artists, bands, and writers will do a lot of work at home or in rehearsal spaces before coming into a studio. We have made a list of our favourite resources to help musicians and producers who want to learn more. Let us know if they are helpful.

  1. Reaper DAW. This is the relativity new but powerful DAW that is getting more and more popular with big producers and mixers. What is also great about this is that it is free to try out the FULL version with no time limit! This is great for new producers who need a professional DAW to learn. The punk rock attitude does not stop there, the full license is still under 100 pounds, if you don’t have a commercial music business: http://www.reaper.fm/
  2. Try this site for very useful shoot-outs of microphones: http://recordinghacks.com/
  3. For technical and acoustics related information Ethan Winer will give you everything you need to know: http://ethanwiner.com/
  4. If you want to orchestrate some extra musical parts for a session then Noteflight is a great online platform that is perfect for collaborative composition: https://www.noteflight.com
  5. Tape Op. This is the best recording magazine in our opinion. Creative and in the real world. Run by the fantastic engineer Larry Crane: http://www.tapeop.com/


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